Welcome at theĀ  Athena Hair Now is a leading hair transplant in Chandigarh, India.Types of Hair Transplant services provide at Athena Hair Now Clinic in Chandigarh

FUE(follicular unit extraction),


Female hair transplant

Moustache & Beard

Let some Things About Beard Transplant

-TAKE TIME:Depending on the extent of hair loss, it takes time. It may take more than one session for the surgen to surgery

-YOU CAN GET WHAT YOU WANT:Just like a hair transplant, you can always expect the same with beard transplant. You can have multiple styles possible with same.

-IT ACTUALLU WORKS:Transplanted hairs may fall out, but they will come back after 3 months. So don’t worry about such cases and consult surgen if have any doubts.

-NO PAIN:Surgery is done via FUE procedure ,so there is no pain or negligible amount of pain. So, don’t worry if you have some sort of pain after the surgery


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