What is the Hair Transplant ?

There are number of facets which influence our mental and physical look and among all those our hair are the eminent ones. Basically, hair is a particular filament of protein which develops through follicles and appears on our skin. The most fascinating part about these hairs is that they protect us from damage. But what if your healthy and bouncy hair began to thin out? There can be number of reasons behind this like physical stress, pregnancy, excessive vitamin A, protein lack, heredity, emotional stress, Anemia, effective weight loss, PCOS, antidepressants or aging.

Hair loss is not enough easier to treat as it sounds somewhat trickier. Surrounded by number of ways, hair transplant has been an effective way to restore your hair in a short span. Generally, this is a protracted surgical process in which your protein follicles are discharged from the donor areas of your body and replicating them on the affected areas.


Most probably, the areas which are utilized for this process can be the back of your head or behind your ears as these areas are contrary to hair loss. The hair growth goes on naturally and is implanted permanently. Well, when it comes to the methods for the hair transplant; then they can be classified in two categories i.e. F.U.E. method and F.U.T. method.

The FUE stands for the Follicular unit extraction and is carried out with a punch-like surgical device that allows extraction of a single graft unit at a time. Whereas the FUT hair transplant stands for Follicular unit transplantation includes the removal of hair strip from the suitable donor area and the grafts are individually are observed under a microscope.

There are number of steps in hair transplant like follicle relocation, donor area is trimmed, anesthesia to the donor area, removal of tissues, dissecting of the follicle unit grafts, preparing the bald area for the surgical process and placing unit grafts in tiny incisions.

Concluding all the things, we can say that hair transplant is a non-puzzled process and benefits a lot and the most fascinating that it is a cost effective process for restoring hair density. And when it comes to the city beautiful Chandigarh, then Athena Hair now has been the leader and has been serving the best hair transplant services in Chandigarh.

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Book an appointment with Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu best Hair transplant Doctor in Chandigarh ,India. Athena is led by the renowned and award winning hair transplant surgeon D r. Harmandeep Sidhu.
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