Why Choose The Athena Hair Now ?

If you are looking for the best services for Hair Transplant in Chandigarh, then no one can beat the place of Athena Hair now. The experienced professionals are always available to serve you the best possible resolutions for hair restoration and hair transplant.Over a huge span, the specialist at Athena Hair Now Dr. Harmandeep Kaur Sidhu have accomplished 29,59,000 successful graft implantation with more than 1100+ patients across seven different nations.

Why to choose Athena Hair Now?


First of all, the experienced professionals who are always there to deliver ethical and genuine recommendations. Secondly, the team believes in establishing healthy and long-term relationships with customers and treating you with absolute convenience.

When it comes to the hair transplant at Athena Hair Now, then we’ve the best solutions for your hair loss. For us, it’s not only about placing the number of grafts, but also bringing back your confidence altogether with a new look.

There’s one more reason behind choosing Athena Hair Now and that is their sequential steps of Hair transplant. The first step involves the extraction of the follicular unit. After this, the patient is subjected to some refreshment and all along the OT is for the second phase which is the implantation. The implantation is basically about the precise insertion of extracted follicles in the recipient area. Hence, the procedure comes to an end.A post care package is delivered which includes medications, proper instructions and relevant products for a smooth passage.

There’s still a lot more behind the statement “why Choose Athena Hair Now.” Discover it today with the ability. To book an appointment, call……….



About athenahairnow

Book an appointment with Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu best Hair transplant Doctor in Chandigarh ,India. Athena is led by the renowned and award winning hair transplant surgeon D r. Harmandeep Sidhu.
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