Hair Transplant Process

Hair is one of those parts we can’t live without. Their role is enough utile in enhancing our personality or we can say that they support us to make an impressive style statement. They are in different volumes, color and length. We routinely expose them to sun rays and pollution and these gradually leads to hair loss. Besides this, there are other reasons behind hair loss and the list includes mental stress, hormonal changes, pregnancy, lack of protein, Anemia and dramatic weight loss.

When it comes to dealing with hair loss and getting your locks safe, then there’s nothing better than hair transplant process. Basically, this is all about filling the affected spaces by extracting a petty part of the donor area. There are a number of reasons behind going for a hair transplant process like you can style in whatever you want to and it just boosts your self-esteem and willingness to take part in social ventures.

Considering the city beautiful Chandigarh and getting your hair restoration done, you may find a number of options. But the matter ends upon choosing the right one. Athena Hair Now is a leading brand in the dermatology industry who has supported people to get hair restoration done at effective cost and with ideal styles.

So if you are looking into options for enhancing your personal reputation via hair transplant, then seek the experienced experts at Athena Hair Now for proven and the most updated ways. Still want to know more about Hair transplant, log on to


About athenahairnow

Book an appointment with Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu best Hair transplant Doctor in Chandigarh ,India. Athena is led by the renowned and award winning hair transplant surgeon D r. Harmandeep Sidhu.
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