Advantage of FUE Hair Transplant

Hair loss or baldness is one of the most common circumstances among both men and women. When it comes to treating this, then a varied range of options is there. But the most proven one is the Hair Transplant. The result-oriented technique is all about replacing the bald areas with healthy hair follicles and is mainly in two ways. The primary one is the FUT which stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation. Whereas the secondary one is the FUE method which is the Follicular Unit Extraction.

The hair transplant process is a delicate one and is only performed by experts who are also known as the Dermatologists. All in all, the city beautiful Chandigarh is a well-known hub for state of the art hospitals and capable doctors. Over again, the region is also mobbed up with a large number of hair transplant clinics and the most prominent one is the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research also known as PGI/PGIMER. The place has served the matchless medical care and medical education since 1962. What makes it the most established medical institutions in Chandigarh is its contrasting services for Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Orthopaedic, General Surgery, Urology, Gynaecology, Drug De-Addiction, Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, neurology, and Venerology etc.

Seeing the hair transplant treatment,  PGI also offers services for the same. Over and above, there’s one more brand which comes as the foremost for hair transplant in Chandigarh and that’s the Athena Hair Now. Located in the core of Chandigarh and holds the professional dermatologist and surgeons. The principal feature about Athena Hair now is their clientage across various regions of the world and their belief of serving the best resolutions for hair transplant.

The famous hair transplant clinic, owned by the brilliant Dr. Harman Sidhu, who has obtained her MD, Skin & V.D. Degree from the prestigious DMC, Ludhiana.  The reason she’s the best hair transplant doctor in Chandigarh is her benign and protracted experience in the same industry as she has gained practical exposure in India’s leading hospitals like GMCH-32 and Fortis Hospital. Furthermore, she has also served various international conferences in the USA, Canada, and Turkey and holds a count of around 3 million successful grafts plantations. Last but not the least, the veteran dermatologist is also an honorable member of India’s largest dermatological Society i.e. IADVL.

So if anyone among you is suffering from severe hair loss or feel embarrassed with their baldness, then the expertise at Athena’s hair now is always available to support you with the best possible regimen for the best Hair transplant in Chandigarh.


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Hair Transplant Process

Hair is one of those parts we can’t live without. Their role is enough utile in enhancing our personality or we can say that they support us to make an impressive style statement. They are in different volumes, color and length. We routinely expose them to sun rays and pollution and these gradually leads to hair loss. Besides this, there are other reasons behind hair loss and the list includes mental stress, hormonal changes, pregnancy, lack of protein, Anemia and dramatic weight loss.

When it comes to dealing with hair loss and getting your locks safe, then there’s nothing better than hair transplant process. Basically, this is all about filling the affected spaces by extracting a petty part of the donor area. There are a number of reasons behind going for a hair transplant process like you can style in whatever you want to and it just boosts your self-esteem and willingness to take part in social ventures.

Considering the city beautiful Chandigarh and getting your hair restoration done, you may find a number of options. But the matter ends upon choosing the right one. Athena Hair Now is a leading brand in the dermatology industry who has supported people to get hair restoration done at effective cost and with ideal styles.

So if you are looking into options for enhancing your personal reputation via hair transplant, then seek the experienced experts at Athena Hair Now for proven and the most updated ways. Still want to know more about Hair transplant, log on to

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Why Choose The Athena Hair Now ?

If you are looking for the best services for Hair Transplant in Chandigarh, then no one can beat the place of Athena Hair now. The experienced professionals are always available to serve you the best possible resolutions for hair restoration and hair transplant.Over a huge span, the specialist at Athena Hair Now Dr. Harmandeep Kaur Sidhu have accomplished 29,59,000 successful graft implantation with more than 1100+ patients across seven different nations.

Why to choose Athena Hair Now?


First of all, the experienced professionals who are always there to deliver ethical and genuine recommendations. Secondly, the team believes in establishing healthy and long-term relationships with customers and treating you with absolute convenience.

When it comes to the hair transplant at Athena Hair Now, then we’ve the best solutions for your hair loss. For us, it’s not only about placing the number of grafts, but also bringing back your confidence altogether with a new look.

There’s one more reason behind choosing Athena Hair Now and that is their sequential steps of Hair transplant. The first step involves the extraction of the follicular unit. After this, the patient is subjected to some refreshment and all along the OT is for the second phase which is the implantation. The implantation is basically about the precise insertion of extracted follicles in the recipient area. Hence, the procedure comes to an end.A post care package is delivered which includes medications, proper instructions and relevant products for a smooth passage.

There’s still a lot more behind the statement “why Choose Athena Hair Now.” Discover it today with the ability. To book an appointment, call……….


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What is the Hair Transplant ?

There are number of facets which influence our mental and physical look and among all those our hair are the eminent ones. Basically, hair is a particular filament of protein which develops through follicles and appears on our skin. The most fascinating part about these hairs is that they protect us from damage. But what if your healthy and bouncy hair began to thin out? There can be number of reasons behind this like physical stress, pregnancy, excessive vitamin A, protein lack, heredity, emotional stress, Anemia, effective weight loss, PCOS, antidepressants or aging.

Hair loss is not enough easier to treat as it sounds somewhat trickier. Surrounded by number of ways, hair transplant has been an effective way to restore your hair in a short span. Generally, this is a protracted surgical process in which your protein follicles are discharged from the donor areas of your body and replicating them on the affected areas.


Most probably, the areas which are utilized for this process can be the back of your head or behind your ears as these areas are contrary to hair loss. The hair growth goes on naturally and is implanted permanently. Well, when it comes to the methods for the hair transplant; then they can be classified in two categories i.e. F.U.E. method and F.U.T. method.

The FUE stands for the Follicular unit extraction and is carried out with a punch-like surgical device that allows extraction of a single graft unit at a time. Whereas the FUT hair transplant stands for Follicular unit transplantation includes the removal of hair strip from the suitable donor area and the grafts are individually are observed under a microscope.

There are number of steps in hair transplant like follicle relocation, donor area is trimmed, anesthesia to the donor area, removal of tissues, dissecting of the follicle unit grafts, preparing the bald area for the surgical process and placing unit grafts in tiny incisions.

Concluding all the things, we can say that hair transplant is a non-puzzled process and benefits a lot and the most fascinating that it is a cost effective process for restoring hair density. And when it comes to the city beautiful Chandigarh, then Athena Hair now has been the leader and has been serving the best hair transplant services in Chandigarh.

For a free quote on hair transplant services, call 98882-78831.


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